rekobeats is a german beat producer. His skillset includes songwriting, arranging, producing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

He is the owner of a fully equipped recording studio with digital and analog equipment near Karlsruhe/Germany.

Born 1979 in Pforzheim
1997 First performances on many jams with the formation ZKP
2000 Performance at the Frankfurt Music Fair for AKAI (MPC)
2001 Foundation of the advertising agency rekodesign
2003 foundation of one of the first netlabels „ndorphin“ with numerous releases
2009 – 2016 various digital and cd releases with the band windowwalkers
2013 sound installations and co-organization of the cultural festival „Art Rocket“ in Nantes

In the meantime commissioned work and own projects published under rekobeats.

Privileges Pales – the message…

the words, the beats and the melodies in this album are all connected to explore the so-called privileges of our modern societies.

It questions the meaning of the constent quest for economical growth in a finite world and a loss of spices in human relationships. How can we feel at ease with an all digital world on one side and an exploited one on the other?

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REKOBEATS | DAMS – Privileges Pales


WINDOWWALKERS – Crooked Cycles


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